My New Haven

7 Jun


So it’s been quite a little while since I last posted. I’ve been quite the busy bee having moved into my new home last week. It’s just me, my other half and the dog, and I love it! 


So I’ve been buzzing around, furnishing the flat to make it our own, shopping, sorting all the boring stuff such as utility bills and the like, and generally settling in.


I’m in a completely new area so I’ve also been doing some exploring of my new surroundings. I just HAVE to share what I found today.


At the top of our local high street is ‘The Frock Exchange’. A clothing boutique where you can buy, swish and swap your way to a new wardrobe. With exquisite refurbished vintage furnishings (including antique Singer sewing machines and hand painted jewellery boxes) and a long since used police cell with original cell door as a fitting room (the boutique is housed within the walls of a long since used Police station) it’s deliciously quirky. I could spend hours just admiring its charming owner’s choice of decor as well as the goods on offer.


To find out more see


I highly recommend you pay a visit if ever you have the chance.


Until next time, X 


Low Carb Lunch Idea

26 May

Low Carb Lunch Idea

Chicken, parmesan and spinach salad.

1 whole skinless chicken breast, griddled with salt and black pepper, torn in to strips.

Spinach and watercress salad drizzled in balsamic vinegar.

Sprinkle with grated parmesan.

Easy as that!

And VERY low carb 😉

A confession…

13 May

…Or two!! 

So my no carb diet has been going pretty well, I’ve actually surprised myself with how well and how strictly I have stuck to it. But I have a confession to make! On Thursday night, an overwhelming craving for fresh orange juice became too strong to ignore!! My head was pouding and my body was begging me for sugar! So I gave in. I had approximately 200ml of Tropicana (approx 20g of carbs) and not only that I stuffed a Cadbury Boost down my throat (a whopping 37g of crabs!!) And you know what? I felt no remorse whatsoever!! My body needed this fix, and my headache sharped disappeared once it had it!! Up until Thursday night my weight-loss had plataued. I haven’t lost a single pound more than the previous week but I wasn’t ready to give up. I weighed myself Friday morning and guess what?! Another pound down! So maybe my body just needed that bit of sugar to give my metabolism a kick. Last night I treated myself to a Sunday lunch, Beef, gravy, peas, cauliflower, carrots, yorkshire pudding, pigs in blankets and 4 small roast potatoes. I later had a small bag of Milkybar buttons to scratch the sugar itch. I believe listening to your body is important. One or two days with carbs (within reason of course, chips, pasta and bread is still on my list of forbidden foods) is not going to spoil my diet so long as the majority of my weekly diet is carb-free. I’m almost at the 7lb mark…that’s almost half a stone in less than 2 weeks. 
Until next time 🙂  

…and a bad one!!

10 May

...and a bad one!!


A good example of a low carb breakfast…

10 May

A good example of a low carb breakfast...


My Low Carb Power Lunch!

7 May

My Low Carb Power Lunch!

This morning’s shopping list:

Sliced roast chicken breast
Watercress and spinach salad
Santini tomatoes

For a delicious, healthy, low carb lunch.

I’m beginning to get the hang of this!

Day 9 (-5lbs!)


Assume, just fo…

2 May

Assume, just for a second, you have a car. If it breaks down, what do you do? Normally, take it to someone to get it fixed. You wouldn’t pour acid on it, blow it up, drive it over a cliff. It’s just broken, and broken things can be repaired. You are no different to a car.